Editor's Note

Hello World,
Welcome to Hello Gorgeous Mane! I am excited to begin this journey with you all. I wanted to write something special just to say thank you for checking out the magazine and to share the purpose behind creating it.
Essentially, Hello Gorgeous Mane was created to fill a void.
There is an abundance of information on countless blogs, websites, online forums, YouTube channels, and social media pages dedicated to sharing natural hair experiences, hair care tips, makeup tricks, product reviews, and spreading useful information throughout the natural hair community.
However, after doing a quick Google search I realized when it comes to the actual business aspects of the natural hair and multicultural beauty industries the resources are scarce. During my search I also came across quite a few studies that detailed the rapid growth of the natural hair industry and discussed opportunities for growth within the multicultural beauty industry, particularly for budding Black entrepreneurs.
Our goal is to be the leading digital resource dedicated to providing best practices, do’s and don’ts, and insightful tips for those looking to start and run a successful business in these industries.
Natural hair and multicultural beauty is big business and it doesn’t seem like growth will be slowing down any time soon. According to Nielson, African Americans currently hold a buying power of $1 trillion with projected growth reaching up to $1.3 trillion last year alone.

“The Black haircare industry has undergone quite a transformation over the past five years and that should continue heading into the next decade. As more and more Black consumers are embracing their natural self and walking away from relaxers, it is presenting opportunities for natural brands to enter the market. Our research indicates that wearing their natural hair makes Black women feel liberated, confident and different from others, giving them a tremendous sense of pride in being Black while displaying their natural beauty,” said Tonya Roberts, Multicultural Analyst at Mintel. “The prominence of the market reflects the high price tag of many natural haircare products, but consumers appear willing to pay the price for a natural look.”

So,  now you’re interested in getting a piece of the pie. Where do you start? What types of products should you carry? What are the best ways to promote your brand?
We’ve got you covered.
Check out the magazine and feel free to reach out to me with questions, suggestions or concerns.
With Love & Light,