Welcome to Hello Gorgeous Mane!

Hello World!

Welcome to Hello Gorgeous Mane! I am excited to begin this journey with you all. I wanted to write something just to say well, hi! and thank you for checking out the site. I also wanted to share my personal reasons for creating Hello Gorgeous Mane.

I started this site out of pure passion for hair, makeup and business. There is an abundance of information and countless blogs, websites, online forums, YouTube channels, social media pages dedicated to sharing natural hair experiences, hair care tips, make up tricks, product reviews, and spreading useful information all around the globe. When I first came up with the concept I wanted to do all of the above.

After doing a quick Google search I realized when it comes to the actual business of natural hair and multicultural beauty industry happenings the resources are scarce. During my search I also came across quite a bit of research and stats discussing the rapid growth of the natural hair industry and the opportunities in multicultural beauty, particularly for budding Black entrepreneurs.

Natural hair and multicultural beauty is big business for entrepreneurs. According to Nielson, African Americans currently hold a buying power of $1 trillion with projected growth up to $1.3 trillion in 2017.

It got me thinking, “How did all of these sites get started? Is there a guidebook for breaking into these industries? Where are they getting all of this info from and why isn’t it in one spot?”. The questions started flying!

As much as I love styling my own natural hair (I’ve been natural for 6+ years) and beating my face to the “makeup gawds” I am no trained professional. However, what I will give myself credit for is my seasoned business acumen and that’s what lead me to my *light bulb* moment that is Hello Gorgeous Mane.

My goal is to provide as many best practices, do’s and don’ts, and insightful tips for those looking to start and run a successful business in these industries. I’m here as a resource for you! So check out the site and feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns.

With Love & Light,