Hello Gorgeous Mane is the only digital magazine focused solely on the professional natural hair care & multicultural beauty industries. We’ve got the inside scoop on the industry ins and outs— from news to the latest trends.

Created for business owners, retailers, suppliers, and industry professionals looking for new ways to help customers and drive business.

We’re focused on helping build business. Our mission is to create and curate content that provides advice, support and perspective for our readers.

We cover everything you need to start (or improve) a viable and sustainable business from brand development and daily business operations tips, to marketing and social media strategies– all in one place.

Whether you want to start an informative website, “how to” blog, or manufacture and distribute your own product line, our goal is to connect you with the best information to do so.

Topics include:

Business Advice and Consumer Trends
Retail Strategies
Profiles of Celeb Stylists & MUAs
Products, Styles and Trends
Product Launches & Partnerships
Public Relations Tactics
Brand Strategy
General Industry Commentary
Supplier and Product Highlights
Interviews with Brand Founders and Retailers
Product Development

Perfect for those who are:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Beauty and Hair Care Professionals
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Salon Owners and Managers
Manufacturers & Distributors
Brand Managers
Purchasing Managers
Executives, Business Owners, Founders and Operators